Hey Toons! "Talk to us!" is just a small, fun way of talking to the Toontown Wiki community. You will be able to share you're taughts and feelings to all of us!(No personal info please!)

For "Talk to us!'s" first discussion, we'd like to know:

What was your very first edit in Toontown Wiki?

Me? My first edit... creation was the Gardening page! It was that time I completed my Gardening skill points for both Watering Can and Shovel. I taught it would be great to have the Gardening page! Yep! That big ol' page turned out okay... if you say so. :)

Confession - Okay, I admit. I was paranoid when someone edited "my" page. Hehe. It was my very first Wiki(globally) edit ever. I always regected editing here, until I decided to show up. When someone made some edits to "my" page, I'd usually freak out and say "Hey! Don't edit my page!"... Yep... :/

I'm changed now! Hehe.

Well, cough it up! What was your very first edit in Toontown Wiki?

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