So, pretty much most of the wikis are protesting to stop SOPA and PIPA from being passed. If you do not know what they are, please read this blog post.

So I asked myself, why not get involved too? Tomorrow, Wikipedia is blacking out, meaning the site cannot be accessed. Again, I ask myself, why not get involved too?

On Pokemon Wiki, the wiki has a wordmark with SOPA/PIPA crossed out with a big red X (so I said something like that and I didn't think they'd actually make a wordmark like that... hehe, me and my brain :P). Also, the wiki background is all black.

So for us, why not get involved? Geez, someone's redundant. Anyways, why don't we do a little change in our wiki design for tomorrow?

Why do we care? If Wikia is taking a stand against these bills, then technically, we should be respectful to them and take action as well. Plus, it would sound like we don't care; all our hard work will go to waste. And all those trolls trying to put down the wiki, well, I guess no more trolling for them. :P

What do you say?

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