Hey Toons! Welcome to Project: Terminated! Terminated is a project, well said Bermuda... in which users may participate in to remove all images with the name Screenshot-date-words-numbers-more-numbers-ugh.

It's pretty simple to do actually. All you have to do is go to a page and remove any images with that name in particular. Make sure you go to the image's page also and put up the delete tag (just simply place in [[Category:Candidates for deletion]] for easy work).

Anyways, any unused images with that name will be deleted.

So to narrow it down a bit:

  1. When editing a page, check to see if the page has "said-name".
  2. Go to "said-name's" image page and put the deletion tag.
  3. Remove "said-name" from the page you are editing.

How you decide to work it is up to you. But I suggest you hover over the image instead of going to the edit screen, check if the image has that funky name, and go to the image's page and put up the delete notice. Afterwards, remove the image from the page. (Make sure you check What Links to the Image!)

Any questions, please comment below.

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