Hey toons! As we all know, our beloved game has now been closed. But that doesn't mean Toontown Wiki will close either! Instead, we will be going through renovations and fixing up articles that need our attention.

"Wait, are you saying we are going to change the tense of the articles into past-tense?"

Not entirely. We COULD do that, but I want to ask everyone here if we should go through this. This would be a lot of work working on at least 3/4 of the 2,000+ articles that are in present-tense, because we would have to carefully examine the sentences and change them.

What is Project:Reorganization?

Project: Reorganization really means we will go fix up articles, re-write them if necessary, and add in any missing information. Here are some articles that could use a fix-up:

We will also create new articles, such as separate golf courses (which I have the images ready; User:Bermuda/Sandbox 5) and the remaining Toontasks.

Let us know if an article needs to be reorganized by commenting below! We need all the help we can get!

I really hope you stick around and help Toontown Wiki with this project! Toontown may be over, but Toontown Wiki has yet to finish its stories!

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