Hey Toons! We all want to have a spotlight for this wiki right?

  • Crowd:
"This Wiki?"

"My unicorn flew me to Alaska."

... 'Nuf said. Read more about the Spotlight on this blog post: User blog:Bermuda/Spotlight

Oh, the topic of this blog post... right.

Anyways, those stub pages are being attacked by Micromanagers (the Stub Templates have Micromanagers). We need to stop them from invading. To do that, we need to improve the article and stop the invasion! What do you say?!

  • Crowd:
"I'm still stuck on Spotlights"

"Apparently, my unicorn got tired half way there."

... Ookk???....

So what do you say? Should we improve those stub articles right now?! We need to! I have the urge to send in a Spotlight request on Community Central (the wiki for discussions and other necessary stuffs like reporting Bugs or Vandalism).

Supposedly, this Project was named by Theevina. Well, he never mentioned it, so... here it is!

Anyways, click here for every known Stub articles!!!


Toontown Wiki needs your help to stop those tiny Micromanagers! And if you do, you'll earn badges! Have fun editing!

And no, edits do not prove that your worthy for administrative skills. You already have what an admin can do: Editing and Undoing Spam (just the hard way that is).

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