Hey toons! Lately, we haven't posted any What's New posts from Toontown. We could potentially miss out on important stuff; even though we can just look from the website itself, you never know what's going to happen to those posts, such as deletion, etc. As such, I would like some volunteers to post What's New blogs for the wiki, to keep some of us up-to-date on Toontown.

Also, we could also use a volunteer to post Toon News... for the Amused! issues. This is definitely important, since, I believe, the issues will be gone after a few weeks. We could be missing some important and miscellaneous (interesting) things we could have on the wiki. As such, if you would like to post pictures of each section of the issue, that would be great.

What's New

You'll need to copy the blog post exactly. If a word or phrase is bolded, bold it. If it contains a list, bullet-point it. Images should be properly named according to the title of the blog post. You should also post a link to the blog post, just to watch out for copyright infringements (hey, you never know...).


You'll need to post pictures of all the pages. Each page is a separate picture. When posting, it should be in a gallery. Anything else you would like to add on the Amused post, go ahead. Whatever floats your boat!

Here's some suggestion to make your blog post more interesting.

  • Summarize the issue; include main points.
  • Add headlines (==headlines==) for each of the news sections; talk about what that section is about.
  • If there's a contest and the winners are announced, you may add the winners to a contest headline. Although, it's not recommended.

Also, please name the images properly, such as 2012 May 19 Amused-1.jpg. I'm not aware of the whole Amused-delivery, so you'll have to come up with a suitable name. If the issue is release per week, you can name the images according the the issue's release date, ie: 2012 May 19. Follow it by Amused-(page #).
As such, name it like: yy mm dd Amused-#

This is entirely my suggestion, so you can come up with your own solution to make it easier, yet easy to identify the image name for everyone else.


If you would like to volunteer as a What's New or Amused reporter, please comment below. On top of that, this will count as a project, so you'll have more chances to have an approved request user rights for participation of projects.
There's no limit to the number of people who can volunteer, but it is recommended to be between 2 to 3 volunteers per news.

What's New
Toon News... for the Amused!

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