Hey Toons! As of now, I am creating a new look for the main page! Yes! You can view a sneak peek here User:Bermuda/Rough Draft. Due to the size of the Main Page and the content space of the articles, results may vary. I will try to test things out in the main page as well. The Rough Draft, though really a sandbox, is just a heads up on what I should put. I'm not finished yet.

What you might expect in the main page

  • Monthly featured articles to get users interested in the wiki
    • Toons (Major [Flippy, etc.] Playground owners [Mickey, etc.] SOS Toons)
    • Cogs (the 32 Cogs, boss Cogs, and special Cogs [Goons, Skelecogs, etc.])
    • Gags (all 49 Gags featured)
      • To what I'm planning, these will be in a tabber tag, similar to the news section (on the link I provided earlier)
  • Sleeker version design
  • Possible better navigational system
  • If possible, the main page slider

Anyways, as I said, it is not a finished product. See you soon!

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