Hey Toons! Recently, I asked Wikia if they can merge Toontown Fanon to Toontown Fanona (merge in Wikia term does not literally mean merge). No articles have been moved from Fanon. However, they redirected Fanon to Fanona, so any URL that types in (not fanona) will be redirected to Fanona.

Also, they've asked me if they want Fanona to just be called Fanon. I'm pretty sure they will redirect Fanona instead since most of us are used to typing in ...fanona.wikia.... However, I'm not so sure if they are able to do this.

Here's what I mean:

  1. Toontown Fanon was merged (redirected) to the URL
  2. Wikia asked me if we want Fanona's domain name to just be Fanon
  3. If you agree, Fanona will now have its URL be (no A)

Anyways, if they contact me saying to ask the community, then here's one in advance!

OR, if they make the new domain name to be Fanon, then I'll warn you guys. Once again, I'm not sure if Fanona can be moved to Fanon and have a redirect (similar to basic redirecting style [Cogs (redirect page) >> Cog].

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