Hey Students of Toontown! Glad you're here to join us!

We're here to teach you: Grammar, Spelling and Puncuation. Though, my skills are not off the charts, my skills are beyond Advance. I'm a Toon-Teacher who is still learning about proper use of a Pencil Sharpener. Yes, we are at Section 8, Paragraph 9, on the "How to Use a Pencil Sharpener and the what-nots of Pencil Pushing" Novel. It's quite a good story I must say.

Okay, since you're here, here's what we would like you to know!

  • Thou shall not use Bad Grammar
  • Thou shall spell correctly; unsure of correction must be dealt with a Dictionary.
  • Thou shall not spell "Recieve" like that. Thou shall type it like this >"Receive"< "e" comes before the "i"!
  • Thou shall not spell Popular as "Poplaur"
  • Thou shall not use commas in weird places.
    • Example: I, like to eat, bacon.
  • Thou shall not plagiarized off a Website or other resources. Thou shall rewrite in own words.
  • Thou shall not use "Thou" 9 times... uhh... 10 times...
  • Please do not Undo-Redo, meaning Undoing past edits from someone and redoing it for your own works.
  • Do not Repeat.
  • Use "an" before words that have a vowel sound (sounds that are "a", "e", "i", "o", "u[ooh][uh]").
    • Example: An Apple; An Elephant; An NPC (N has the "e" sound, making it vowel)
  • Use "a" before words that have a consonant sound
    • Example: A Dog; A Man-Purse; A Stickfigure Monkey; A Unicorn (U has the "you" sound, making it Consonant)

Remember these! I will add more to come! Hehe.

  • Thou shall not eat off the floor...

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