Hi there. Why am I writing this if I have retired from the wiki?

I may have retired as administrator, but I have been brought with concerns over site-wide protection/closure. Therefore, I want to set things straight.

I have contacted Wikia concerning this issue. I will sum up what is written on the email:

Administrators may not do a site-wide closure of a wiki for more than one day. The "special circumstances" are not present in this case. The only case Wikia Staff will ever protect a wiki is under extreme cases of a spambot or a particular bad vandalism outbreak. Even more to speak, the protection of the wiki will never exceed 12 hours.
In the case that the administrators do take this particular action to close the wiki, Wikia Staff may and will be contacted to resolve this issue. Also as stated, Wikia Staff will "have a talk with them [administrators]".

As a former administrator, I am still a part of the Toontown Wiki community. I can and will voice my opinion. In my opinion, this is something I would have opposed if brought up during my admin period. Even then as a regular member, I would still have opposed this decision. I am not saying that my opinion is the decision, but I am saying that I would have opposed it. This is without a doubt a horrible mistake. Now I will list a couple reasons for opposing:

  1. No one owns this wiki. The content available here is Toontown Wiki's. An administrator may not and cannot claim a wiki as their own, which is the general practice of Wikia. An administrator is merely an assistant to the wiki by having extra tools to bring the wiki to life.
  2. The private server policy cannot be enforced indefinitely. There will come a time when new administrators will "take the lead" and change the policies around. They will either choose to continue enforcing the rule or removed the policy. The wiki will never stop changing, neither will the policies. The current administration and/or community will choose to enforce it, but it is highly doubtful that the policy will forever stand its ground when new administrators appear.

If for any reason anyone wants to preserve the content here or prevent these illegal services from being added, then I highly suggest creating your own wiki on another host. Wikia will just not allow anyone to lock the wiki.

That is all I have to say about this issue. I am not targeting any particular user here. This is my opinion, and I am not being stubborn about this. Whatever happens to this wiki, then so be it. This is an issue I want to resolve. I do not want anyone of this wiki to get into trouble. And I do not want anyone wasting their time doing something that will be reverted in the end.

Thank you for listening.

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