Images are a great way to put an article up-to-the-top. However, some images are just so weird looking, that it ruins articles. I've made up an image policy that all images should be (suspect to change):

  • Named Properly
  • Not including any unnecessary parts (such as the Start Menu and the bar)
    • Other unnecessaries include: Toontown whispers, friend list, speedchat buttons, subscribe button, and the Shticker Book. The images must focus on the object.
  • Must not be inappropriate! You'll be blocked for a week(s), month(s), or infinitely.
    • Inappropriate contents include: Nudity, drugs or alcohol, gang symbols, bad language (the image's text), racism, and people doing stuff that they shouldn't be doing, etc.
  • Terrible quality/resolution may be considered "spam" and may be deleted.
  • Wikia is not an image hosting website. Please do not upload several images that goes outside of Toontown (no more than 15 outside images; suspect to change).

No images should be named Screenshot-Fri-Apr-02-12-32-07-2010-233027.jpg or OMG! or AhhhMonkey, etc. These images will be deleted. Screenshot file names may be renamed, however.

Please remember to change the file name through or documents or through the photo upload. To change the file name on the photo uploader, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Pick Photo
  2. Choose a photo
  3. Guide-RenamePhoto

    Photo Upload Screen

    Once you are on the screen (as shown in the right), choose More Options
  4. There should be an option to rename the file. Rename it.

(SUSPECT TO CHANGE) Please also note that after August 14 UTC Time, all photos that are going to your userpage must be named Username [or nickname or whatever name suits you best]-PhotoObject, such as Bermuda-Nights (for my Toon Nights) or Evina-MyToonEvina (Theevina) or GP-RobberBaronsAttack (GamerPerson) or FS192-Haha My Doodle Can Dance! (FlyingSquirrel192). Userpage photos can be named whatever, but must not contain inappropriate contents in the name and the photo. Photos not currently being used for over two weeks will be deleted.

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