I need someone's photo-taking skills to help me complete something!

What I'm asking for is a photo of Toontasks.

Here's an example:



I'm sorry if the template causes to block the comments. Just talk to me if this happens!

Hehe; if you visited the "Other" Toontown Wiki, I pretty much stole these pictures. Sorry! Though, they've been inactive for quite sometime, I think it would be okay?

Anyways, here's what I need:

  • Picture of a Bossbot Building
  • Same as above but a Lawbot Building
  • Same as above but a Cashbot Building
  • Same as above but a Sellbot Building
  • Cashbot Mint

After you take these pictures, please use my Talk Page to post these. I will crop out these pictures and make Templates for you guys to use.

Don't crop out any of these. Just keep the full Toontask scroll which looks like this(and keep it full size):

Also, if you want to help out with Toontasks, here's what you can do:

  • Get the picture of the Toon/Cog/Cog Building(ex: Flippy, Loan Shark, Bossbot Building)
  • Use the Templates "TaskWanted", "TaskDefeat", or "TaskVisit" to input these pictures on the image section.

Here's an example of how I've worked on the Toontask section of the Toons:


These are photos that should be used in placement of "(Image)". These Photos do not include NPC Toons; there are too many to list here.

More will be added.

Needed Photos

  • Bossbot Building
  • Lawbot Building
  • Cashbot Building
  • Sellbot Building
  • Cashbot Mint
  • Every Bossbot Cogs in the Corporate Ladder
  • Every Lawbot Cogs
  • Every Cashbot Cogs
  • Every Sellbot Cogs


Use these Templates instead of searching through the Files! It's much easier!

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