Hey toons! Earlier this year, I wanted to add information for a gag's increase in damage. Thanks to an anonymous contributor's help, I was able to figure things out and found the "estimate" for the next increase.

\frac{X - Y}{M - O}

  • X is the number required for the next gag
  • Y is the number this gag (the gag you currently have) is received
  • M is the number for maximum damage/heal
  • O is the number for the original damage/heal

Once you get the result, for every (result) skill points you earn, that's when the gag will increase to the next damage/heal.

In other words, for example: a Juggling Cube equation:

  • A Juggling Cube needs to get to 10,000 (the number for the next gag) and the heal should be 120 (the maximum heal) by the time you get to the next gag.
  • You just got the Juggling Cubes at 6,000 (the number this gag is received) and it has a healing of 90 (original heal).

\frac{10000 - 6000}{120 - 90}=\frac{4000}{30}=133.33...

For every 133 skill points earned, the Juggling Cubes will increase its healing attributes.

Once again, it's an estimate. The damage/heal will likely increase around that range.

Yes. You can simply do the subtraction in your head. It's simply a guide to show users how you're getting the number.

Note: This equation doesn't seem to apply to the Cupcake gag.

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