It has come to my mind that images with the names or content:

  • Screenshot-date-date-number-words...etc.
  • Excessive use of punctuation (ie: MoneyBags!!!!.png)
  • Sentences (ie: MoneyBags is such a money bags.jpg)
  • Anything that doesn't make sense or apply to the image (ie: Money Bags' back; we don't want to see what they look like from the back)
  • No image should be close to a Megabyte in size. Files above 750KB may be deleted, resized, or re-uploaded as a JPEG.

... will now be deleted no matter how good the picture is. We need great quality images! We don't want some random thing. Please consider this.

Please also crop out unnecessary sections. Countless times of telling to crop things out using Paint (or other image editors) and yet people stray from that. Once again, crop out:

  • Laff meter
  • Shticker book
  • Friend list
  • Speedchat buttons
  • Whispers
  • Subscribe button
  • Other Toons/Cogs
  • Etc....

Please focus on the subject, not the surroundings.

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