Project: Estimated Gag Damage per Skill Points is a difficult project if not yet researched. The project is to find out where the Gag's damage increases after reaching a certain area in skill points. The Pixie Dust page is an example. Though, it may not contain true information, it seems correct.

If you're willing to do estimation, this would mean you'll have to create a new Toon/account and train your Gags.

Anyways, there are many possibilities to work on earning Skill Points:

  • either by using an older Toon (but the lack of researching weaker Gags)
  • train the Gag Track you just earned (ie: I finally have my Trap track! :D Yaaayy.)
  • start a new Toon... I just said that.
  • work with friends (recommended)

You do not need to start a new account after researching the other Gags. Why? Because Lure Gags don't increase at all.

If you're willing to dedicate yourself to the wiki, here's a project for you. If you find a method of solving the estimation, please report it to us. :)

Good luck!

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