Hey toons! I'm wondering if the wiki should install a blocking policy.

The purpose of a blocking policy is to add more control on how we (admins) block users. I've noticed that sometimes we can go all willy-nilly on how long we block a user (example: 3 months can be harsh for a user who just blanked the page - might have been on accident too).

Anyways (wow, I say anyways alot...), if you agree on this, shall we begin drafting a blocking policy? This is the perfect chance to create one now that the achievements are back on.

Yes? No? Discuss. :)

Ideas if you don't know where to start or if you're not sure if this is a good idea or not

If you're not sure how to come up with a policy, perhaps this list may help:

  • Will we block a user for blanking one page?
    • If yes: how long?
    • If no: what do we do?
      • Ideas:
        • Warn the user the first chance.
        • First time, rollback and ignore (can be accidental). Second time, a warning. Third time, three days to a week block (how long is what I'm asking).
  • How long will we block a user for vandalism?
    • Do remember vandalism can range from:
      • Blanking/Removing valid content
      • Spamming/Trolling
      • Advertising (malicious) external links
      • Etc.
    • With this, each type of vandalism should have a specific blocking period.
  • What shall we do to badge cheaters once we realize their intentions for, well, cheating?
    • Recommended: a warning.
    • Continuing even after a warning, how long will we block? 24-hours for a block warning if the user is not active (that way they can see the warning)?
  • If the user does not follow the wiki rules up to (maybe 3 or 5 times), what should we do?
    • Continue warning them until we start raging/getting impatient?
    • A blocking warning (I say maybe 24 hours so they notice, but be sure to leave their talk page open for discussion and mention about the option of discussing it in the Block Reason section).
  • If users continue to advertise a website/wiki even after warning them, how long shall we block?
  • Anymore reasons for blocking a user that I couldn't think of, discuss. lol

Some of these are pretty obvious, but as I said, the wiki should have more control on blocking, instead of having the admin decide what they think.

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