I would like to remind everyone to please:

  • Keep comments about Toontown's closing on topic. Non-Toontown comments will be deleted.
  • All outside links must be approved by the administrators. This means that you should NOT:
    • Post links to petitions, other than the one endorsed by ToonTask.
    • Post non-Toontown-related links.
    • Post links to other Toontown websites that are not approved by Toontown Wiki's administrators.
      • The Official Website ( and ToonTask are acceptable
    • If you would like to share a link or a petition to save Disney's Toontown Online, please talk to an active administrator.

Also, threatening or hacking Club Penguin or Disney Infinity is unacceptable. Any comment or blog post blaming Club Penguin or Disney Infinity will be deleted. By threatening the two games, you are giving us a bad image. Hacking is illegal, therefore, please follow national and international laws and do not infringe on Disney's properties. There is no need to threaten the games, even if you do not like the two. Our main goal is to save Disney's Toontown Online, not to ruin other video games.

Lastly, please remember that the rules in Disney's Toontown Online have not changed. Asking players to go to an outside website will get you banned, regardless of whether the website is Toontown-related or not. It is not censorship; it is the rules.

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