I'm here to clarify to everyone that NOBODY SHALL EDIT ANOTHER USER'S USERPAGE WITHOUT PERMISSION. Even if it's your worst enemy. Leave their userpages alone! This goes for everybody, not just one person. Do not leave useless categories on userpages. The only categories that should be in a Userpage are:

  • Locked Userpage
  • User Profile

Other than that, ALL MUST BE REMOVED AND NOT VISIBLE. It's (if it's already inputted) part of our Wiki Rules. Breaking these Wiki Rule will result in a Warning, Block, or Expulsion(blocked forever).

I'm only doing my job. I do not take sides. I'm carefree, and I do not care for anyone's stupid problems.

Thank you, and Have Fun Editing. :) Review the Wiki Rules by clicking Here!

If you see a useless Category in a Userpage that's not listed above, please do not take action to deleting it. Report it to an Admin and we'll take care of it. :)

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