Tentastic Anniversary

Toontown turns ten this Sunday, June 2nd!
To celebrate this Toontastic occasion, we invite ALL Toons to enjoy some cake on us... well, the cakecake's actually on you. On your shirt, that is!

Tentastic Anniversary cake-blog
Enter this special code in your Shticker Book to get your very own anniversary cake shirt delivered right to your Toon's mailbox: TOONTASTIC

The party kicks off this Sunday with Toon Trooper jellybean madness! Troopers TEO, TYCHO, TABITHA, TRAVIS and TERRY will crash public Parties with loads of jellybean treats this Sunday, June 2 from 10am - 11am, and 1pm - 2pm, and again at 4pm - 5pm! (all times Pacific Time)

Tentastic Anniversary hat-blog
Host your own Toontastic anniversary party, and don't miss Clarabelle's all-new Ten-tastic Party Hat in the Cattlelog - the perfect party pairing for your anniversary shirt!

Wear your Toontown anniversary shirt with pride, Toons - a perfectly kooky kickoff to a sweet summer in Toontown. Toons of the World... UNITE!

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