Well, I'm probably the only admin that checks Special Pages. Well, just to keep note to all admins and future admins:

  • Check the Special Pages from time to time.
  • Always, always, ALWAYS check the Wiki Activity/Recent Changes! Especially Template changes since those do not appear in the Wiki Activity.
  • Try not to block users just because they make a stupid mistake on a page or userpage. (Note: Editing Other Userpages is highly stressed, which means it should not be done and be avoided; just contact the user about this rule. If they refuse after a couple times, do block them. If they swear on any pages/userpages, that's an automatic blam.)
  • Always contact the user who contacted you. They may want something, even in a weird request.
  • Do not leave the Wiki if there is an ongoing vandalism.
  • (Bureaus, which whom already know about this) Do not under any circumstances promote users without active admins permission. Do not let them bribe you or trick you.

I'm just saying. You have a life out there, but it's your job as an admin to do these things.

If you need any help on any of these things, contact me. I may know something about it. If not, try contacting Community Wikia through the Forums. The users are definitely helpful.

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