Wow, 3,000 edits? Wow, I didn't even know! :)

It took me a while due to slow progress, but I finally made it! 3,000 edits and second(?) highest edit count on this Wiki!

Well, I inputted every active (along with admins) user edit counts that I know who edit everyday.

17,305 - Bermuda's Edit Count

4,246 - GamerPerson's Edit Count

0 - Man for the job's Edit Count

2,052 - Cheese0's Edit Count

2,281 - JellyrollZillerwig's Edit Count

13,052 - Theevina's Edit Count

4,032 - ToontasticToon212's Edit Count

2,175 - KacperTheHorse's Edit Count

These people are top three edit counts for this wiki, probably due to having sysop privileges.

  1. Man for the job
  2. Bermuda
  3. GamerPerson

Top 3 Regular Users.

  1. ToontasticToon212
  2. JellyrollZillerwig
  3. Theevina

Well, I'm glad to have edited this far; and I hope I edit more in the future! Summer is coming in the northern hemisphere! :)

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