I keep hearing and reading about these rumors about a place known as "Funny Farm"... its driving me nuts! My belief of this is that it was planned to be a playground but they decided not to add it in. i hear that they are thinking about putting in soon though. If it were a playground i have a few ideas on what would be in it. The playground NPC toon could be Huey Dewy and Lewey, Chicken Little, Gyro Gearloose, Oswald the Rabbit, or Horace Horsecollar. I think they are going to put it in that tunnel in Acorn Acres that it under construction. i mean its gotta be that! Toons wouldnt build a Cog nation would they? the street music could be like a chicken dance remix XD. Rumored Streets in this are Barking Boulivard (in Funny Farm) and Walnut Way (leading to funny farm). If you guys know more about this please comment

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