aka Bart Bunny

  • I live in Land of Darkness
  • I was born on April 19
  • My occupation is Traveling other Worlds
  • I am Male
  • BartBunny08

    I recently started hearing about a new rumored playground called " Pete's Tennis Court"? i made a video about the construction tunnel and a comment said "Guys, this isn't cog nation or even cog dominiums. Its Pete's Tennis Court. Not making this up. Type in on google, "Toontown Pete's tennis court" on Web." can someone please give me more information about this if you know any? This really intruiges me. Ive been doing research and thinking and the tunnel thats Under construction cannot be the Cog Nation and it cant be Funny Farm. So its narrowed to that. someone please help me?

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  • BartBunny08

    Funny Farm?

    July 22, 2011 by BartBunny08

    I keep hearing and reading about these rumors about a place known as "Funny Farm"... its driving me nuts! My belief of this is that it was planned to be a playground but they decided not to add it in. i hear that they are thinking about putting in soon though. If it were a playground i have a few ideas on what would be in it. The playground NPC toon could be Huey Dewy and Lewey, Chicken Little, Gyro Gearloose, Oswald the Rabbit, or Horace Horsecollar. I think they are going to put it in that tunnel in Acorn Acres that it under construction. i mean its gotta be that! Toons wouldnt build a Cog nation would they? the street music could be like a chicken dance remix XD. Rumored Streets in this are Barking Boulivard (in Funny Farm) and Walnut W…

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  • BartBunny08

    We Toons have been waiting for this for a long long time. But now its finally here! Claribelle Cow has finally given us the new Toon Accessories which should be coming out Friday July 8th, 2011!! Accessories include hats, shoes, glasses, Backpacks, etc. Lets all be sure to thank Claribelle for making this happen for us. Have a Toontastic time with your Accessories! Im gonna buy shoes :D

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