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This article or section is about something in real life or outside the normal gameplay of the game.

Ubers are toons that have a very low laff limit, but powerful gags. This is a player choice that is meant to make the game more challenging.


There are a few different kinds of Ubers:

  • The 15 laff uber who only maxed their Throw and Squirt gags.
  • The 20 laff uber who only has the Throw and Squirt gags, and maxed their Sellbot cog suit and thus, can only carry 20 gags.
  • The 30 laff uber will have completed all of Toontown Central's Toontasks and will carry three gag tracks (Throw, Squirt and Sound/Toon-Up), and maxed their Sellbot cog suit, and will carry 30 gags total (by not choosing laff boost Toontasks, and completing the carry 30 gags Toontask).
  • The 39 laff uber carries four gag tracks and will have completed all of Donald's Dock's Toontasks, and maxed their Sellbot cog suit, holding a total of 35 gags. This type of uber will either have: Sound/Toon-Up, and Lure/Drop.
  • The 76 laff uber (Cashbot uber) has completed the Cashbot Cog suit toontasks of Donald's Dreamland, maxed their Cashbot suit, and holds a total of 70 gags. This uber will have six gag tracks.


  • Ubers do not finish every Toontask, therefore they can not teleport to every neighborhood.
    • Some ubers have teleport accesses.
  •  Most ubers are not able to carry a lot of gags.
  • Ubers should not race, fish, golf or garden, as doing so can earn laff points (planting gag trees, however, does not give any laff boost).
  • Some maxed Cashbot ubers have only 66 laff points, because of a glitch that allowed toons to skip laff boost Toontasks in Donald's Dreamland. They would get 61 laff points from The Brrrgh's Toontasks, and 5 from their Cashbot suit. [Citation Needed »]

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