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The deletion policy is a set of rules of what kind of article should be marked for deletion or deleted as soon as possible. This is recommended, but it is not required.

This policy is to provide more control on what should be deleted and what should be marked for deletion. This allows users to input their opinions on an article, if it should be kept or deleted.

What should be marked for deletion

This section is about articles that should be marked for deletion rather than being deleted right away.

  • Articles related to Toontown but does not comprehend to the Manual of Style must be put as a candidate for deletion. A discussion must be placed whether the article can be kept or be deleted.
    • Toontown-related articles are required to have a discussion for their deletion. They should not be deleted without reason or discussion, unless the article was intended to be vandalism.
    • All Toontown-related articles must have a reason provided if it were deleted.
  • Articles not related to Toontown must be put as a candidate for deletion. A discussion can take place but it is not required.

What should be deleted ASAP

This section is for articles that should be deleted as soon as possible.

  • Articles should be deleted ASAP if it is obvious vandalism - anything that goes against the wiki rules.
    • Articles with vulgar language and/or images should not appear on the reasoning box. Inappropriate content should be removed when providing a reason.
  • Articles with inappropriate names should be deleted ASAP.
  • Articles about fanfiction, hackers, clans, glitches, and self-articles should be marked for deletion or deleted ASAP. A discussion is not required.


  • Duplicate articles should have Template:Duplicate instead of Template:Delete, unless otherwise intended as vandalism.
  • All articles that are approved for deletion must provide a reason.
    • Articles against the wiki rules does not need to have a reason, but it is recommended.

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