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Toon Tip

A Toon Tip

Toon tips are hints that appear while transitioning to a place or game, such as a street, Trolley game, or Cog headquarters. They vary on subject, and randomly appear. Some Toon Tips that cannot be found in-game can be found on the Toontown Player's Guide. They were also found in the Newsletters sent out by Disney. Several tips may not be random; for example, if a player enters a Cog HQ, then they might get a random fact about that specific or another Cog HQ.

Toon Tips

  • Quickly check your ToonTask progress by holding down the "End" key.
  • Quickly check your Gag page by holding down the "Home" key.
  • Open your Friends List by pressing the "F7" key.
  • Open or close your Shticker Book by pressing the "F8" key.
  • You can look up by pressing the "Page Up" key and look down by pressing the "Page Down" key.
  • Press the "Control" key to jump.
  • Press the "F9" key to take a screenshot, which will be saved in your Toontown folder on your computer.
  • You can change your screen resolution, adjust audio, and control other options on the Options Page in the Shticker Book.
  • Try on your friend's clothing at the closet in their house.
  • You can go to your house using the "Go Home" button on your map.
  • Every time you turn in a completed ToonTask your Laff points are automatically refilled.
  • You can browse the selection at Clothing Stores even without a clothing ticket.
  • Rewards for some ToonTasks allow you to carry more gags and jellybeans.
  • You can have up to 50 friends on your Friends List.
  • Some ToonTask rewards let you teleport to playgrounds in Toontown by using the Map Page in the Shticker Book.
  • Increase your Laff points in the Playgrounds by collecting treasures like stars and ice cream cones.
  • To heal quickly after a battle, go to your estate and play with your Doodle.
  • Change to different views of your Toon by pressing the Tab Key.
  • Sometimes you can find several different ToonTasks offered for the same reward. Shop around!
  • Finding friends with similar ToonTasks is a fun way to progress through the game.
  • You never need to save your Toontown progress. The Toontown servers continually save all the necessary information.
  • You can whisper to other Toons either by clicking on them or by selecting them from your Friends List.
  • Some SpeedChat phrases play emotion animations on your Toon.
  • If the area you are in is crowded, try changing Districts. Go to the District Page in the Shticker Book and select a different one.
  • If you actively rescue buildings you will get a bronze, silver, or gold star above your Toon.
  • If you rescue enough buildings to get a star above your head you may find your name on the blackboard in a Toon HQ.
  • Rescued buildings are sometimes recaptured by the Cogs. The only way to keep your star is to go out and rescue more buildings!
  • The names of your True Friends will appear in Blue.
  • See if you can collect all the fish in Toontown!
  • Different ponds hold different fish. Try them all!
  • When your fishing bucket is full sell your fish to the Fishermen in the Playgrounds.
  • You can sell your fish to the Fishermen or inside Pet Shops.
  • Stronger fishing rods catch heavier fish but cost more jellybeans to use.
  • You can purchase stronger fishing rods in the Cattlelog.
  • Heavier fish are worth more jellybeans to the Pet Shop.
  • Rare fish are worth more jellybeans to the Pet Shop.
  • You can sometimes find bags of jellybeans while fishing.
  • Some ToonTasks require fishing items out of the ponds.
  • Fishing ponds in the Playgrounds have different fish than ponds on the streets.
  • Some fish are really rare. Keep fishing until you collect them all!
  • The pond at your estate has fish that can only be found there.
  • For every 10 species you catch, you will get a fishing trophy!
  • You can see what fish you have collected in your Shticker Book.
  • Some fishing trophies reward you with a Laff boost.
  • Fishing is a good way to earn more jellybeans.
  • Adopt a Doodle at the Pet Shop!
  • Pet Shops get new Doodles to sell every day.
  • Visit the Pet Shops every day to see what new Doodles they have.
  • Different neighborhoods have different Doodles offered for adoption.
  • Show off your stylin' ride and turbo-boost your Laff limit at Goofy Speedway.
  • Enter Goofy Speedway through the tire-shaped tunnel in Toontown Central Playground.
  • Earn Laff points at Goofy Speedway.
  • Goofy Speedway has six different race tracks.

Street Tips

  • There are four types of Cogs: Lawbots, Cashbots, Sellbots, and Bossbots.
  • Each Gag Track has different amounts of accuracy and damage.
  • Sound gags will affect all Cogs but will wake up any lured Cogs.
  • Defeating Cogs in strategic order can greatly increase your chances of winning battles.
  • The Toon-Up Gag Track lets you heal other Toons in battle.
  • Gag experience points are doubled during a Cog Invasion!
  • Multiple Toons can team up and use the same Gag Track in battle to get bonus Cog damage.
  • In battle, gags are used in order from top to bottom as displayed on the Gag Menu.
  • The row of circular lights over Cog Building elevators show how many floors will be inside.
  • Click on a Cog to see more details.
  • Using high level gags against low level Cogs will not earn any experience points.
  • A gag that will earn experience has a blue background on the Gag Menu in battle.
  • Gag experience is multiplied when used inside Cog Buildings. Higher floors have higher multipliers.
  • When a Cog is defeated, each Toon in that round will get credit for the Cog when the battle is over.
  • Each street in Toontown has different Cog levels and types.
  • Sidewalks are safe from Cogs.
  • On the streets, side doors tell knock-knock jokes when approached.
  • Some ToonTasks train you for new Gag Tracks. You only get to choose six of the seven Gag Tracks, so choose carefully!
  • Traps are only useful if you or your friends coordinate using Lure in battle.
  • Higher level Lures are less likely to miss.
  • Lower level gags have a lower accuracy against high level Cogs.
  • Cogs cannot attack once they have been lured in battle.
  • When you and your friends defeat a Cog building you are rewarded with portraits inside the rescued Toon Building.
  • Using a Toon-Up gag on a Toon with a full Laff meter will not earn Toon-Up experience.
  • Cogs will be briefly stunned when hit by any gag. This increases the chance that other gags in the same round will hit.
  • Drop gags have low chance of hitting, but accuracy is increased when Cogs are first hit by another gag in the same round.
  • When you've defeated enough Cogs, use the "Cog Radar" by clicking the Cog icons on the Cog Gallery page in your Shticker Book.
  • During a battle, you can tell which Cog your teammates are attacking by looking at the dashes (-) and Xs.
  • During a battle, Cogs have a light on them that displays their health; green is healthy, red is nearly destroyed.
  • A maximum of four Toons can battle at once.
  • On the street, Cogs are more likely to join a fight against multiple Toons than just one Toon.
  • The two most difficult Cogs of each type are only found in buildings.
  • Drop gags never work against lured Cogs.
  • Cogs tend to attack the Toon that has done them the most damage.
  • Sound gags do not get bonus damage against lured Cogs.
  • If you wait too long to attack a lured Cog, it will wake up. Higher level lures last longer.
  • There are fishing ponds on every street in Toontown. Some streets have unique fish.

Trolley Tips

  • After you fill up your jellybean jar, any jellybeans you get from Trolley Games automatically spill over into your bank.
  • You can use the arrow keys instead of the mouse in the "Match Minnie" Trolley Game.
  • In the Cannon Game you can use the arrow keys to move your cannon and press the "Control" key to fire.
  • In the Ring Game, bonus points are awarded when the entire group successfully swims through its rings.
  • A perfect game of Match Minnie will double your points.
  • In the Tug-of-War you are awarded more jellybeans if you play against a tougher Cog.
  • Trolley Game difficulty varies by neighborhood; Toontown Central has the easiest and Donald's Dreamland has the hardest.
  • Certain Trolley Games can only be played in a group.

Cog HQ Tips

  • You must complete your Sellbot Disguise before visiting the V.P.
  • You must complete your Cashbot Disguise before visiting the C.F.O.
  • You must complete your Lawbot Disguise before visiting the Chief Justice.
  • You can jump on Cog Goons to temporarily disable them.
  • Collect Cog Merits by defeating Sellbot Cogs in battle.
  • Collect Cogbucks by defeating Cashbot Cogs in battle.
  • Collect Jury Notices by defeating Lawbot Cogs in battle.
  • Collect Stock Options by defeating Bossbot Cogs in battle.
  • You get more Merits, Cogbucks, Jury Notices, or Stock Options from higher level Cogs.
  • When you collect enough Cog Merits to earn a promotion, go see the Sellbot V.P.!
  • When you collect enough Cogbucks to earn a promotion, go see the Cashbot C.F.O.!
  • When you collect enough Jury Notices to earn a promotion, go see the Lawbot Chief Justice!
  • When you collect enough Stock Options to earn a promotion, go see the Bossbot C.E.O.!
  • You can talk like a Cog when you are wearing your Cog Disguise.
  • Up to eight Toons can join together to fight the Sellbot V.P.
  • Up to eight Toons can join together to fight the Cashbot C.F.O.
  • Up to eight Toons can join together to fight the Lawbot Chief Justice.
  • Up to eight Toons can join together to fight the Bossbot C.E.O.
  • Inside Cog Headquarters follow stairs leading up to find your way.
  • Each time you battle through a Sellbot HQ factory, you will gain one part of your Sellbot Cog Disguise.
  • You can check the progress of your Cog Disguise in your Shticker Book.
  • You can check your promotion progress on your Disguise Page in your Shticker Book.
  • Make sure you have full gags and a full Laff Meter before going to Cog Headquarters.
  • As you get promoted, your Cog disguise updates.
  • You must defeat the Foreman to recover a Sellbot Cog Disguise part.
  • Earn Cashbot disguise suit parts as rewards for completing ToonTasks in Donald's Dreamland.
  • Cashbots manufacture and distribute their currency, Cogbucks, in three Mints - Coin, Dollar and Bullion.
  • Wait until the C.F.O. is dizzy to throw a safe, or he will use it as a helmet! Hit the helmet with another safe to knock it off.
  • Earn Lawbot disguise suit parts as rewards for completing ToonTasks for Professor Flake.
  • It pays to be puzzled: the virtual Cogs in Lawbot HQ won't reward you with Jury Notices.

Estate Tips

  • Doodles can understand some SpeedChat phrases. Try them!
  • Use the "Pet" SpeedChat menu to ask your Doodle to do tricks.
  • You can teach Doodles tricks with training lessons from Clarabelle's Cattlelog.
  • Reward your Doodle for doing tricks.
  • If you visit a friend's estate, your Doodle will come too.
  • Feed your Doodle a jellybean when it is hungry.
  • Click on a Doodle to get a menu where you can Feed, Scratch, and Call him.
  • Doodles love company. Invite your friends over to play!
  • All Doodles have unique personalities.
  • You can return your Doodle and adopt a new one at the Pet Shops.
  • When a Doodle performs a trick, the Toons around it heal.
  • Doodles become better at tricks with practice. Keep at it!
  • More advanced Doodle tricks heal Toons faster.
  • Experienced Doodles can perform more tricks before getting tired.
  • You can see a list of nearby Doodles in your Friends List.
  • Purchase furniture from Clarabelle's Cattlelog to decorate your house.
  • The bank inside your house holds extra jellybeans.
  • The closet inside your house holds extra clothes.
  • Go to your friend's house and try on his clothes.
  • Purchase better fishing rods from Clarabelle's Cattlelog.
  • Call Clarabelle using the phone inside your house.
  • Clarabelle sells a larger closet that holds more clothing.
  • Make room in your closet before using a Clothing Ticket.
  • Clarabelle sells everything you need to decorate your house.
  • Check your mailbox for deliveries after ordering from Clarabelle.
  • Clothing from Clarabelle's Cattlelog takes one hour to be delivered.
  • Wallpaper and flooring from Clarabelle's Cattlelog take one hour to be delivered.
  • Furniture from Clarabelle's Cattlelog takes a full day to be delivered.
  • Store extra furniture in your attic.
  • You will get a notice from Clarabelle when a new Cattlelog is ready.
  • You will get a notice from Clarabelle when a Cattlelog delivery arrives.
  • New Cattlelogs are delivered each week.
  • Look for limited-edition holiday items in the Cattlelog.
  • Move unwanted furniture to the trash can.
  • Some fish, like the Holey Mackerel, are more commonly found in Toon Estates.
  • You can invite your friends to your Estate using SpeedChat.
  • Did you know the color of your house matches the color of your Pick-A-Toon panel?

Racing Tips

  • Buy a Roadster, TUV, or Cruiser kart in Goofy's Auto Shop.
  • Customize your kart with decals, rims and more in Goofy's Auto Shop.
  • Earn tickets by kart racing at Goofy Speedway.
  • Tickets are the only currency accepted at Goofy's Auto Shop.
  • Tickets are required as deposits to race.
  • A special page in the Shticker Book allows you to customize your kart.
  • A special page in the Shticker Book allows you to view records on each track.
  • A special page in the Shticker Book allows you to display trophies.
  • Screwball Stadium is the easiest track at Goofy Speedway.
  • Airborne Acres has the most hills and jumps of any track at Goofy Speedway.
  • Blizzard Boulevard is the most challenging track at Goofy Speedway.

Golfing Tips

  • Press the Tab key to see a top view of the golf course.
  • Press the Up Arrow key to point yourself towards the golf hole.
  • Swinging the club is just like throwing a pie.

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