The ToonTask guides are a guidance to completing ToonTasks.

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Be cautious when reading.

Toontown Central

Main article: ToonTask Guide/Toontown Central
  • Laff limit: 25-47
  • Gag pouch: 25
  • Jellybean pouch: 50
  • ToonTask capacity: 2
  • Teleport access: Toontown Central
  • Gag training for Toon-Up or Sound

Donald's Dock

Main article: ToonTask Guide/Donald's Dock
  • Laff limit: 34-56
  • Gag pouch: 30
  • Jellybean pouch: 60
  • ToonTask capacity: 2
  • Teleport access: Donald's Dock
  • Gag training for Lure or Drop

Daisy Gardens

Main article: ToonTask Guide/Daisy Gardens
  • Laff limit: 43-65
  • Gag pouch: 35
  • Jellybean pouch: 80
  • ToonTask capacity: 3
  • Teleport access: Daisy Gardens
  • No gag training

Minnie's Melodyland

Main article: ToonTask Guide/Minnie's Melodyland
  • Laff limit: 52-74
  • Gag pouch: 40
  • Jellybean pouch: 100
  • ToonTask capacity: 3
  • Teleport access: Minnie's Melodyland
  • Gag training for Trap or Toon-Up/Sound (whichever was not chosen in Toontown Central)

The Brrrgh

Main article: ToonTask Guide/The Brrrgh
  • Laff limit: 61-83
  • Gag pouch: 50
  • Jellybean pouch: 120
  • ToonTask capacity: 4
  • Teleport access: The Brrrgh
  • Gag training for one of the two remaining gag tracks

Donald's Dreamland

Main article: ToonTask Guide/Donald's Dreamland

Cog suits

Main article: ToonTask Guide/Cog Suit Parts

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