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  1. Visit Innkeeper Janet.
  2. Deliver a salad to:
    • Bert, Bert's Dirt - Maple Street, Daisy Gardens
    • Bud, Bud's Bird Seed - Elm Street, Daisy Gardens
    • Sofie Squirt, The Squirting Flower - Maple Street, Daisy Gardens.
    • Lisa, Lisa Lemon Used Cars - Maple Street, Daisy Gardens.
  3. Defeat 10 cogs in Daisy Gardens.
  4. Return to Innkeeper Janet.
  5. Reward = +1 laff point boost
Daisy Gardens Toontask Guide

Gag pouchJellybean pouchToonTask capacityTeleport access
Laff boosts: +1 laff (Sofie Squirt)+1 laff (Artie)+1 laff (Innkeeper Janet)+1 laff (Barber Bjorn)+2 laff (Postman Felipe)+2 laff (sprocket)+3 laff (Uncle Mud)+3 laff (Uncle Spud)+3 laff (Aunt Hill)Miscellaneous laff boosts

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