Starfish treasure

A Starfish at the bottom of the lake in the Donald's Dock Playground.

Same name
This article is about a treasure. For more uses of "Starfish", see Starfish.

The Starfish is a type of treasure that can be found in the Donald's Dock Playground and the CFO battle.

In the CFO battle, Starfish are released by large yellow or orange helmet goons when they are disabled.

During ValenToon's Day, the laff points received are doubled.

Laff Points Healed

  • Donald's Dock - 10
  • CFO Battle - 10


Donald's Dock Map

Starfish locations

There are a total of 26 locations where a starfish can be collected.
Ice cream coneStarfishDaisyMusic noteSnowflakeZZZAcornHeart*

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