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This article is about the fish species. For more uses of "Starfish", see Starfish.
Star Fish
Star fish animation
Varieties: 5 Fish Varieties
Lightest Weight:  ? lbs
Heaviest Weight:  ? lbs
General locations
Minnie's Melodyland
Toon Estate
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Star Fish is a fish species normally found anywhere, the most common locations being Minnie's Melodyland and the toons' estates. Since it is fairly easy to find, it is not worth many jellybeans.

The All Star Fish is the rarest of all the Star Fish variety. It can usually be found at the Toon's Estate.

This fish has 5 varieties:

  • Star Fish
  • Five Star Fish
  • Rock Star Fish
  • Shining Star Fish
  • All Star Fish

Places to catch

Name Rod needed Rarity Common locations
Star Fish Twig Rod Very Common Anywhere
Five Star Fish Twig Rod Very Common Minnie's Melodyland, Toontown Central, and Estate
Rock Star Fish Bamboo Rod Rare Estate, Minnie's Melodyland, Daisy Gardens
Shining Star Fish Bamboo Rod Very Rare Estate, Daisy Gardens, and Donald's Dock
All Star Fish Hardwood Rod Ultra Rare Estate, Donald's Dock, and The Brrrgh

Trading card

This Sea-lebrity is bigger then Squid Rock and MC Hammerhead put together. He's always putting the ocean in motion with songs like "My Foolish Carp", "Red Snails in the Sunset", and "You Don't Send Me Flounders", and now he's making a big splash in Toontown-put your fins together for the Star Fish!


  • The Star Fish is a parody of singer/actor Elvis Presley, as it has the hair, a microphone, and says his catchphrase, "Thank you very much," when caught.
  • This is one of the only fish species to have a voice, the others are the Nurse Shark, Devil Ray, and Holey Mackerel.
  • When a toon completes a gag track or battles near a super toon-up trashcan, they hear the same sound as they would when catching this fish, only without the voice.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French
ES Spanish Pez estrella[1]
D German
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese
Japan Japanese


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