Spooky Shirt
Spooky Shirt
Type: Event Clothing (Shirt)
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The Spooky Shirt is an event shirt as a gift for typing the corresponding code to unlock this shirt.


Warning: Spoilers ahead. Be cautious when reading.

To unlock this shirt, a code must be used in the "Codes" page of the Shticker Book.[1] The code can be found inside an issue of Toon News... for the Amused! in the "Talk of the Town" section.[2]


  1. "And she [Clarabelle] has a special gift for ALL Toons to get into the Halloween spirit!" - "Get Set for a Silly and SPOOKY October!" blog post
  2. "To find out what it is, check out today's new issue of Toon News... For the Amused inside Toontown. The 'Talk of the Town' section has all the spooooky details." - Get Set for a Silly and SPOOKY October!" blog post

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