Speedchat plus

When the SpeedChat Plus feature came out for toons

SpeedChat Plus is a way of communicating with other players in Toontown with customized phrases, but the player types. However, it is limited to a dictionary to make it more difficult to use profane language and give out personal information, because it is against Disney's online policies.

If a toon does not have any True friends, words that are not allowed will appear in red. If they do, however, words that are not allowed will appear in italics.


  • Numbers can be said in SpeedChat Plus in only certain words, such as h2o.
  • Non-members can also get SpeedChat Plus.
  • When a toon says something not in the Toontown Online dictionary then they will make a sound that goes with their type of toon. For instance if a dog toon says something highlighted in red then the toon will say Woof.