Snowflake treasure

A Snowflake in The Brrrgh Playground.

The snowflake is a type of treasure that can be found in The Brrrgh playground and the Chief Financial Officer battle.

In the Chief Financial Officer battle, Snowflakes are released by large orange or red helmet goons when they are disabled.

During ValenToon's Day, the laff points received are doubled.

Laff points healed

  • The Brrrgh - 12
  • CFO Battle - 12
  • ValenToon's Day - 24


The Brrrgh

Snowflakes locations

There is a total of eighteen locations where snowflakes can be collected.

Snow area

Solid area

  • To the left of the Polar Place tunnel
  • To the left of the Trolley
  • To the left of the Gag Shop
  • Between the Gag Shop and the Sleet Street tunnel
  • Near a tree nearest to the Clothing Shop and the Sleet Street tunnel


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