Now I need you to defeat one of the new, more treacherous Bossbot Cogs.

–Shep Ahoy

Shep Ahoy
Shep Ahoy
Physical description
Gender: Male
Species: Horse
Color: Brown
Building: All for Nautical
Street: Seaweed Street
Area: Donald's Dock
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Shep Ahoy is an NPC toon working at All for Nautical on Seaweed Street in Donald's Dock.


Main article: ToonTask:Bossbot cog suit (Shep Ahoy)

Shep Ahoy will give toons a series of ToonTasks for Bossbot cog suit parts. When all 16 ToonTasks have been completed, toons may earn the last part from Flippy.


  • He was remodeled from an orange rabbit to a brown horse.