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Screwball Stadium
Welcome to Screwball Stadium! Put the pedal to the metal and hang on tight!
Race Track: Stadium
Maneuver: Simple
Deposit: 50 Tickets
Qualifying time: 4:00:00
Circuit type: One
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Screwball Stadium is a race track in Goofy Speedway. This race track features straight-aways, 3 sharp turns, and a speed boost. This track is the easiest race track in Goofy Speedway.

Ticket Earnings

During a real race, toons can earn Tickets. The more racers earn more Tickets.

Number of Toons Position Ticket Earnings
2 Toons Racing
First 75
Second 57
3 Toons Racing
First 100
Second 75
Third 57
4 Toons Racing
First 200
Second 100
Third 75
Fourth 57


  • Screwball Stadium is a beginner race track, mostly having straight-aways.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French
ES Spanish ???
D German ???
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese Estádio dos Nerds [1]
Japan Japanese