Rustic Raceway
Rustic raceway track
Welcome to Rustic Raceway! Please be kind to the fauna and stay on the track!
Race Track: Rural
Maneuver: Simple
Deposit: 100 Tickets
Qualifying time: 6:00:00
Circuit type: One
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Rustic Raceway is a race track in Goofy Speedway. It is the easiest of the "Rural" tracks.

Ticket Earnings

Number of Toons Position Ticket Earnings
2 Toons Racing
First 150
Second 115
3 Toons Racing
First 200
Second 150
Third 115
4 Toons Racing
First 400
Second 200
Third 150
Fourth 115

In other languages

Language Name
FR French ???
ES Spanish ???
D German ???
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese ???
Japan Japanese さびさびレースウェイRusty Raceway[1]


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