Ring Game
Ring Game
Number of toons: 1-4
Minimum jellybeans: 21
Maximum jellybeans: 63
Time limit: None
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Ring Game is a trolley game. The minimum number of toons required to play is one.


Try to swim through as many of the yellow rings as you can. Use the arrow keys to swim.
Ring Game 2

A colored ring

The objective is to pass through as many colored rings as possible. There are sixteen rings throughout the course. Each toon is given their own colored ring to pass through. A toon can check which ring belongs to them by looking at the bottom right corner of the screen. Passing through a different colored ring will give no credit.

Ring Game 1

Green or yellow circles or red X's will appear on this section.

When playing alone, the toon will have to swim through the rings as usual. When playing with two or more toons, a group bonus is applied if all toons pass through their corresponding rings. A group bonus is indicated with a yellow ring at the bottom of the screen and "Group Bonus" appears on the screen. When all toons successfully pass through all rings, the group will receive a "Group Perfect".

Depending on the playground, rings may move around in various directions:

  • Side to side
  • Top to bottom
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Figure 8's (vertical and horizontal)


Action Keyboard
Move left, up, down, right, or diagonally Arrow keys (← ↑ ↓ →)


Neighborhood 1 player 2 players 3 players 4 players
Toontown Central 21 29 34 42
Donald's Dock 23 32 37 46
Daisy Gardens 25 35 41 50
Minnie's Melodyland 27 38 44 55
The Brrrgh 29 41 48 59
Donald's Dreamland 32 44 51 63
The maximum number of jellybeans that can be earned per player