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The Resistance Salute

The Resistance Salute is an emotion offered to toons for free by joining the toon resistance. They can earn the emotion by visiting Whispering Willow at Talking in Your Sleep Voice Training in Pajama Place, Donald's Dreamland and saying the SpeedChat phrase "Would you like some help?"


  1. The toon jumps in the air and raises its right hand
  2. The toon says "Toons of the world unite!"
  3. The toon drops back down to the ground and returns to its normal position


  • Using the Resistance Salute while in battle, or dancing after a battle will cause the toon to stop moving until they use another emotion.
  • This phrase is sometimes confused with Unite! phrases, because they both begin with "Toons of the World," phrase.
  • If you do this as you jump into a swim-able pond, your toon will have no animation while in the pond
  • This is the only emotion not available at Clarabelle's Cattlelog, along with the five starter emotions.
  • When you dance at the end of a battle, your toons will slow down if you use the Resistance Salute. Logging out corrects this bug.
  • When you finish the Salute, your toon will be frozen, only the head will move.
  • The phrase "Toons of the world, unite!" may be a reference to the Communist phrase, "Workers of the world, unite!"
  • When you do the Victory dance, you will not move when you use this emotion.
  • When you run and do this emotion, you will slide.
  • "Toons of the world, unite!" is also a phrase that can be bought in the Cattlelog.
  • As a non-member, you can get this emotion by teleporting to a member toon who is inside the building.
  • This emotion is also the start of the Victory Dance.


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