Postmaster Pete
Postmaster Pete
Physical description
Gender: Male
Species: Dog
Color: Lime Green
Building: Toontown Post Office
Street: Loopy Lane
Area: Toontown Central
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Same name
This article is about the NPC at "Toontown Post Office". For more uses of "Pete", see Pete.

Postmaster Pete is an NPC toon who owns Toontown Post Office on Loopy Lane in Toontown Central.


Main article: ToonTask:Final gag training (Toontown Central)

Postmaster Pete's ToonTask is the last ToonTask in Toontown Central. His reward is the last animation frame for either the Toon-Up or Sound gag track.

Trading card

Postmaster pete cardPostmaster pete bio
I promised to deliver the mail through the snow, and rain, and dark of night, but no one said anything about cogs! Half the time i show up at a building, it's been taken over! The rest of the time when i deliver a letter, some crazy toon tries to give me a ToonTask, like i don't have enough to do with all these Cattlelog deliveries! I wish i could stamp all those cogs "return to sender". Oh well - no one said that this job would be easy!


  • He is the only NPC toon with a task for final gag training who does not reward the gag track directly. Instead, Dr. Pulyurleg gives it.
  • Since an update in May 2011, non-member toons cannot get his ToonTask. Before this update, they could still get it by visiting his shop.