Pool Shark
Pool shark animation
Varieties: 4 Fish Varieties
Lightest Weight: 8 lbs
Heaviest Weight: 16 lbs
General locations
Daisy Gardens
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The Pool Shark is a fish species, found in Daisy Gardens. The Pool Shark family consists of 4 fish varieties:

  • Pool Shark
  • Kiddie Pool Shark
  • Swimming Pool Shark
  • Olympic Pool Shark

Places to Catch

  • Pool Shark - 9-11 lbs - Common - Daisy Gardens
  • Kiddie Pool Shark - 8-12 lbs - Rare - Daisy Gardens
  • Swimming Pool Shark - 8-12 lbs - Rare - Daisy Gardens
  • Olympic Pool Shark - 8-16 lbs - Very Rare - Daisy Gardens, Elm Street

Trading card

Pool Shark
Some fish live in pools - this one lives for pool! This cool pool fool is either striped or solid, and thinks everyone should "get a cue". Be careful if you play him, though - he'll eat you alive!


  • The varieties are associated to the "water" kind, such as the Swimming Pool Shark, rather than the game Pool (despite the trading card and the one in the game being shown playing pool).
  • The Pool Shark and the Nurse Shark are the only two shark species in Toontown.
  • In real life a pool shark is someone who is excessively good at pool and often tricks other people into playing against them for money.
  • In Melville's 2013 fishing tournament, if you were one of the winners, you earned a Pool Shark T-Shirt.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French
ES Spanish Tiburón charco[1]
D German
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese
Japan Japanese


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