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This article is about the reward given for defeating the Chief Executive Officer. For more uses of "Pink Slip", see Pink Slip.

A pink slip is a reward from defeating the Chief Executive Officer. It is not necessarily a gag; but it IS used to defeat cogs.


When a pink slip is used, the toon that is using the pink slip pulls out and presses a button. Then a cannon comes out of the ground and surrounds the cog. The toon then waves, the cannon fires, the toon ducks, thus defeating the cog.


  • In real life, a pink slip is given to someone who has recently been fired. Seeing how cogs get "fired" out a cannon, this may be a reference to getting actually fired.
  • The pink slips will tell how much health a cog has (if the cog has not been damaged and depending on the level).
  • This and the Railroad (when organic) are the only attacks that can defeat a level 12 cog in one gag.
  • The maximum pink slips a toon can carry is 255.
  • When pink slips were first released on test, instead of a toon pressing a button to activate the cannon, the toon would throw a cupcake which would activate the cannon.
  • The highest amount of pink slips toons can earn in a single CEO run is five, while the minimum amount is one.
  • The pink slip used on the cog will destroy it fully, no matter how high the level or if it is a V2.0 cog.
  • Even though is not considered a gag, it is still an attack.
  • The cannon used to fire the cog is exactly from the Cannon Game and Estate cannon.


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