Pig is a toon species. They can be created by all players. They were first released on the Test Server on March 3, 2007 [1] and March 7, 2007 to the public[2].

Pigs snort when talking. When a word not in the Toontown dictionary is used, the words will be "censored" with "oink," "oik," and "snort." When an exclamatory phrase is used, the pig will squeal.

Head designs

Pigs have four head designs, which can be used to create a toon via Create-A-Toon. They can be created in any color.

Notable pigs

Al Capella

Al Capella, a field office SOS toon.

Notable non-playable pigs include: Good ol' Gil Giggles, Al Capella, and Anne Ville.

For a full list, see Category:Pigs.


One word
Two words
Multiple words


  • There are only seven pig NPC: two are party planners, two are field office SOS toons, two are caged toons in field offices, and one helps toons in the Chief Executive Officer battle.
  • This is the only species that comes from an election to be available for free players.
  • During the Toon Species election, one of the pig toon's main slogans was "Think big, vote pig!"
    • An alternative slogan was "Get in on the dirt - pick Pig!" which appeared on the Toontown Times website next to the button used for voting pig.
  • The pig toon in-game looks slightly different from the pig toon concept art shown on the Toontown Times website as Toon Species election art. On the Toon Species election art, the pig toon has a solidly colored head and muzzle, while in-game, the pig has a solidly colored head and a pink-ish muzzle.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French Cochon
ES Spanish ???
D German Schwein
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese ???
Japan Japanese ???


Toon Species
Free access CatDogDuckMousePigRabbit
Members only BearHorseMonkey
Unreleased ChickenCowGoat

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