A party gate is a gate found in every playground except for Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres and Goofy Speedway. Toons can use party gates to create and go to toon parties. Beside each gate, there are two party planners.


The party gate is shaped as a party hat. Two "arms" stretch out carrying balloons in one hand and sparklers in the other. Within the party hat is a cave-like structure. Above the entrance is a clock, which is set to Toontown Time (Pacific Standard Time).

Planning a party

To plan a party, a toon with a membership must speak to a party planner. The minimum number of jellybeans required to plan a party is 100. If the stated amount is in possession, the party planner will ask if they wish to create a party. In doing so, the toon will be teleported into the party grounds, where they may continue to post decorations and party games. Furthermore, after completion of decorating, the toon is also given the opportunity to set a public or private party, the latter only being available to friends. Also, they may choose to send invites to their friends.


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