"Parked toon" is a conjectural title.
In other words, it was the best choice to give to this article because the subject's actual title, if any, is unknown.
Flippy Big Secret

A parked toon (also known as a parker or taxi toon) is a user-created toon who sits somewhere idle (usually the Nutty River district), for letting his/her friends teleport in when it is full. Parked toons are usually low-level toons (15 laff with the first 2 starter gags) who have high-laff friends that want to get into Nutty River. Sometimes, they also have a special name that lets others know that they are a parked Toon. These toons usually won't respond to chat or whispers because nobody usually actively plays them. They are located in a useful place (like Cog headquarters) and are sometimes out of bounds, where they are hidden from view. Most of these toons use glitches or third-party programs (programs that are not made by Disney) to prevent sleeping, because they will log out if they are sleeping for ten minutes.

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