Obstacles are hazards manufactured by cogs to slow down toons. Some of them are not capable of taking away laff points, while others are.

List of Obstacles

Cog golf courses

District Attorney's Office

Cashbot Mint

Sellbot Factory

CFO Battle

  • Goon Type (color) = Damage
    • Tiny (yellow) = -5-7 damage
    • Small (yellow) = -8-11 damage
    • Medium (orange) = -12-18 damage
    • Big (red) = -20-24 damage
    • Huge (red) -30 or more damage
      • Note: The huge red goons, which do thirty damage, will not come out unless if you take more than thirty minutes in the C.F.O. battle.

Chief Justice Battle

  • Evidence = -5
  • Gavel = -20
  • CJ Jump = -10

S​ellbot Field Offices

  • Big Cog = -3-30
  • Cold Caller = -2-20
  • Name Dropper = -1-10
  • File Cabinet = Lose water balloon



  • The stomper is the most common obstacle, being found in all cog facilities except for the cog golf courses.
Mole stompCog golfSearchlightStomper liftLibrary roomBox stomperGiant stomperSpinning gear stackThe shoverStomper AlleyLava roomStomper

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