Music Note treasure

A Music Note in Minnie's Melodyland Playground.

The Music note is a treasure that can be found in the Minnie's Melodyland playground and the CFO Battle.

In the CFO Battle, Music Notes are released by large yellow or orange helmet goons when they are disabled.

Laff Points Healed

  • Minnie's Melodyland - 10
  • CFO Battle - 10


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Music Notes location

There are a total of 19 locations where Music Notes can be collected.

Above Ground


  • To the right of the piano key platforms
  • To the left of the piano key platforms
  • Near the Tenor Terrace tunnel
  • (View from the pond facing the Baritone Boulevard tunnel)
    • To the left of the pond (Nearest to the Clothing Shop)
    • In front of the pond
    • To the right of the pond (Nearest to the Goofy's Gag Shop)
  • Near the Toon HQ (facing the Alto Avenue tunnel)


  • Farthest left platform
  • Second farthest left platform
  • The middle platform
  • Second farthest right platform
  • Farthest right platform
    • Also farthest right platform
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