Moon Fish
Moon fish animation
Varieties: 6 Fish Varieties
Lightest Weight: 1 lbs
Heaviest Weight: 14 lbs
General locations
Donald's Dreamland
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The Moon Fish is a fish species, commonly found in Donald's Dreamland and Daisy Gardens. They can be caught with the Twig Rod as they do not weigh much. However, half the "family" are rare to catch. The Moon Fish family consists of 6 fish varieties:

  • Moon Fish
  • Full Moon Fish
  • Half Moon Fish
  • New Moon Fish
  • Crescent Moon Fish
  • Harvest Moon Fish

Places to Catch

  • Moon Fish - 4-6 lbs - Very Common - Donald's Dreamland
  • Full Moon Fish - 14-18 lbs - Ultra Rare - Donald's Dreamland and Daisy Gardens
  • Half Moon Fish - 6-10 lbs - Very Rare - Lullaby Lane and Daisy Gardens
  • New Moon Fish - 1 lb - Common - Donald's Dreamland
  • Crescent Moon Fish - 2-6 lbs - Rare - Lullaby Lane
  • Harvest Moon Fish - 10-14 lbs - Common - Donald's Dreamland and Daisy Gardens

Trading card

Moon Fish
The astro-nautical Moon Fish actually came from the area of the Moon called the "Mare Undarum" or "Sea of Waves." Looking for a place with more atmosphere, they migrated from Moontown to Toontown, where they find green jellybeans to be as delicious as the green cheese they normally eat at home. Are they good pets? Why, they're out of this world!



  • The members of the Moon Fish family are named after real-life phases of the Moon.
  • The trading card depicts it being on the Moon, looking towards Earth.
  • The trading card description says the Moon Fish comes from a place called Moontown, a location never seen in-game.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French
ES Spanish Pez luna[1]
D German
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese
Japan Japanese

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