Mole Stomp
Cog facility: Cog golf courses
Damage: 20
Challenge: Stomp the number of moles prompted to advance to the next group of cogs or obstacle.
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Mole stomp is a mini-game that must be completed on each level of the Cog golf courses. It closely resembles a real life game called "Whack a Mole".

The object is to "stomp" the correct number of red moles that appear in the limited time given. A clock that counts down the time appears on the top right of your screen and the number of moles left to stomp is listed on the top center. If the group fails to stomp the right number of moles in the allotted time, all players lose 20 laff and additional time is given to complete the task.

Once the number of red moles required are destroyed, the moles will disappear and the game will end. Toons may earn up to 20 laff points for winning the game and the door to the next room (cogs or maze) will unlock.

Number of Moles in each course

The Front Three = 8 moles

The Middle Six = 12 moles

The Back Nine = 16 moles


  • A good strategy with a 4 toon team is for each toon to position themselves in one of the four corners of the playing field and manage the 9 mole holes in their own quadroon.
  • Walk into the red mole rather than jumping on it. This will give the toon more control and will be less likely to hit a mole decoy.


  • When a toon steps on a regular mole, the Pig "Owoooo!" sound is heard.


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