Maze Game
Maze Game
Number of toons: 1-4
Minimum jellybeans: 24
Maximum jellybeans: 45
Time limit: 60 seconds
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Maze Game is a trolley game. The minimum number of toons required to play is one.


Collect the treasures. Try to get them all, but look out for the Cogs!

The objective is to collect as many treasures within the time limit. Flunkies, of varying walking speed, roam around the maze in an attempt to fling the toon in the air and into another part of the maze.

Depending on the number of toons present, the size and environment of the maze changes to accommodate with the toons; the number of Flunkies increases as well. Depending on the playground, the speed of the Flunkies increases.


Action Keyboard
Move left, up, down, or right Arrow keys (← ↑ ↓ →)


Neighborhood 1 player 2 players 3 players 4 players
Toontown Central 24 30 30 30
Donald's Dock 26 33 33 33
Daisy Gardens 29 36 36 36
Minnie's Melodyland 31 39 39 39
The Brrrgh 34 42 42 42
Donald's Dreamland 36 45 45 45
The maximum number of jellybeans that can be earned per player


  • The whole game, on single player, has a total of 197 treasures.
  • Occasionally, the cogs will intentionally change directions to keep bouncing the toon on the maze.
  • This game is based on Pac-Man, an arcade game developed by Namco.
  • The game has a different theme depending on the number of players:

In other languages

Language Name
FR French Jeu du labyrinthe
ES Spanish ???
D German ???
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese
Japan Japanese メイズゲーム Catch Game [1]