March Harry
March Harry
Physical description
Gender: Male
Species: Rabbit
Color: Maroon
Building: Snowshoes You Can't Refuse
Street: Polar Place
Area: The Brrrgh
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March Harry is a toon NPC who owns Snowshoes You Can't Refuse on Polar Place, The Brrrgh.


Main article: ToonTask:ToonTask capacity (The Brrrgh)

March Harry gives toons a ToonTask for a reward of a 4 ToonTask carrying capacity. He can be chosen between his ToonTask or Hysterical Harry's ToonTask.


  • His ToonTask is much easier than Hysterical Harry's as Hysterical Harry's ToonTask required defeating the rank 7 Cogs in the corporate ladder, which do not appear on streets unless an invasion occurs.
    • Coincidentally, both toons involved in this ToonTask are rabbits called Harry.